The Weeknd’s 2021 Super Bowl Halftime Show Sends Twitter Into a Meme Frenzy

The Weeknd’s expression inside the maze amused Twitter as netizens equated it with real-life situations and started a meme fest. The Weeknd’s act appeared to sum up all sorts of anxious circumstances for people on the Internet, from missing one’s mother at the superstore to searching for a face-mask during the pandemic.



There were also unforgettable scenes from the Super Bowl LV Halftime show of The Weeknd’s Robot choirs, an army of bandaged henchmen, fireworks galore. Yet Twitter users have discovered a moment that doesn’t make you forget.



Users on Twitter saw this moment and wanted to turn it into a meme; in terms of captions, viewers were given infinite leeway for the brief clip of The Weeknd running backstage and looking around frantically.



Here are only a couple of the ways Twitter users have turned the success of The Weeknd into their new meme: from different encounters surrounding moms in department stores to the peculiar truth of apartment shopping in a worldwide pandemic:




Chiefs fans looking for a way out of this Super Bowl nightmare



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