Teenager Mortified After Accidentally Grabbing The Wrong Shade Of Fake Tan Which Left Her Looking Like An Oompa Loompa

Keira Domachowski, 13, was recorded by mum Carole Rees as she wandered through the lounge trusting that the item will develop. The high schooler conceded she had gotten the darker shade without acknowledging, as she had been too occupied with focusing on how the item was rapid-acting.



Since taking up the ‘Darker Than Dark’ shade by accident, a mother filmed herself cackling at the failure of her tan-loving teen’s appearance as she turned into an Oompa Loompa.



Mama Carole Rees, from Tonypandy in Rhondda, normally filmed fair-skinned Keira Domachowski as she walked around the living room waiting for the product to evolve earlier this month.



Make-up artist and makeup influencer Carole calls her daughter into the room in the clip and cracking a Muttley-style laugh at the 13-year-old pyjama-clad before telling her what she was using.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Mortified at being captured, before flashing a smile, Keira covers her face declaring ‘don’t record my face’ because it’s weird’-as her extra-white teeth glow against the tan cream.



Carole, 41, caught the funny picture minutes after Keira slapped Darker Than Dark on a layer of St. Moriz 1 Hour, Easy Tan, in the shade.



Without noticing, the teen confessed she had grabbed the darker shade, blinded by the fact that it was fast-acting and would grow in just 60 minutes.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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Carole said: ‘It was a disaster, she looked like an Oompa Loompa, I just couldn’t get over it.



‘Her face was just so dark and her teeth were gleaming. With her white teeth and white pyjamas, it was quite a contrast.



‘She knew her face looked bad because she said, “Don’t look at my face”. I said she was like an Oompa Loompa and all my followers were saying the same thing.’



The amusing 34-second clip has gone viral, racking up over 2,000 likes, shares and feedback since being posted on Facebook.



In the video, before being taken aback by her unexpectedly dark glow, Carole can be heard screaming at Keira in the room.



In the clip, Carole says: ‘Put that light on! What have you done? Oh my god! What colour is that?’


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Keira replies: ‘St Moriz Darker Than Dark.’



Carole says: ‘Oh god Keira, I think it’s a bit, dark love. Do you like her tan, girls? Yay or nay?’



The mom-of-three said that during the past year, Keira had been very involved in makeup, and during that time she had been trying out fake tan.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Carole said: ‘Keira’s been fake tanning for about a year and she says to me “Mam it’ll be alright when I wash it off”.



‘This time she came down the stairs and I’m like ‘oh my god what have you done?’ She says to me: ‘Mam don’t look at me now, look at me in the morning’. She’s funny she is.



‘She doesn’t do it all the time, she does it for special occasions, but this time it was random – it was lockdown madness.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


‘I couldn’t believe the colour she was after it, thankfully it turned out nice.



‘I know it’s a popular tan and a lot of the youngsters use it but it just looks horrendous when it goes on, it’s so funny. They’re all Oompa Loompas.



‘She left it on for an hour then had a shower and it looked a lot better than, thank god.’


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Beauty lover Keira said she took the £ 2.99 item in Home Bargains.



Keira said: ‘I’m really into beauty stuff, I love it.



‘I didn’t realize it was Darker Than Dark at first, I only picked it up because it was the hour-fast one. 


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


‘Usually, I’m impatient with fake tan and I end up wiping it off early anyway so I thought the hour-fast one would be better.



‘I got a bit of a shock when I looked in the mirror and saw how dark I was.



‘When I watched the video back I did think, “Oh no, what colour am I going to turn out?”, because it was only five minutes after I put it on. I’ve never been that dark before.’


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


Keira said the intense darker shade washed away after jumping in the shower and she was left with a natural-looking glow.



Keira said: ‘When I went in the shower it just fell off really.



‘The way I looked at the start, like an Oompa Loompa, I did think it was going to be horrific but it ended up a nice natural colour.


Credit: Kennedy News and Media


‘The colour lasted about five days, I would use it again but I’d leave it on longer as I know it’ll turn out nice.



‘It’s not put me off tanning in future.’


Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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