PETA Asks People To Use Alternatives To Animal-Oriented Insults But Gets Ridiculed In Return

PETA is at it again. Now they want people to stop using supremacist language and perpetuate speciesism. Needless to say, the internet was very entertained by this demand. Many people on the Internet criticized them and some said that animals are also used as a good descriptor.



It’s 2021, and all of us should try to be as awake as possible. Yet people who support political correctness can sometimes take it too far. In such a recent event, when they argued against using “anti-animal slurs” People for the Ethical Care of Animals or PETA were viscously trolled on Twitter. Yeah, you may have heard of ethnic slurs, religious slurs, but when we use them as an example to offend a human, PETA thinks we also abuse animals.


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Although the group has a strong online following, and there is no lack of advocates on the internet for animal lovers or anti-animal abuse, this idea did not sit too well with everyone.



PETA informed people that we perpetuate a myth that humans are superior when we use animals as an insult. This in essence excuses the animals being abused or violated. “Stand up for justice by rejecting supremacist language,” they said earnestly.





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They have made a chart in which they have replaced the animal-based insults with other adjectives. “Perpetuating the idea that animals are sly, dirty, or heartless desensitizes the public and normalizes violence against other animals,” they said in the following tweet.


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New York Post talked to PETA President Ingrid Newkirk about the online mockery. “The kneejerk dismissals are a reflection of the times we want to put behind us, and after ridicule comes discussion and then acceptance, as we’ve seen with our campaigns to end the use of fur and to point out how inhumane and unhealthy cow’s milk is, among others,” she was quoted as saying.


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Needless to say, the internet was very entertained by this demand

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