Now You Can Order Fully Customizable Toilet Paper Roll With Your Ex’s Face Printed On It

The best part is that you can also add cheeky captions to make your pooping more fun. We are confused between ‘Piece of Crap’ or ‘Human Waste.’ You decide.


Did you, like us, just hear about these new customized toilet papers?


To all of you out there who hate their exes, do you know you can actually get toilet papers with your crappy ex’s face printed on it.



Yes, you heard right. This thing is real.


Credit: Supplied

If your ex is trash then you can get their picture printed out on toilet paper where it belongs


Feeling angry for how your ex treated you? Now you can get your frustration out by uploading a picture of your ex on the Toilet Face website and having it printed on some bog roll for £7.80





That’s what we say tough competition


What you people say, should it be ‘Piece of Crap’ or ‘Human Waste?’



Though these customizable toilet papers would be expensive as compared to your regular plain tissues. We still think this is a nice deal and one that can’t be missed.











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