Monsters That Shouldn’t Be Let Out Of The House

People that behave terribly in public and give everyone a hard time.



Why do people think being edgy is funny? This is just disrespectful and juvenile. Sorry about your lack of IQ.




These parents literally let a toddler watch a whole movie in a restaurant at full volume. Great parenting guys!


My Health Gazette


Sometimes it feels like the world already ended and we’re all in hell.


Tribun News


Did your knees really need three bread loaves to rest on?


My health gazette


What monster eats a pizza like this? Straight to jail with them.


My health gazette


From the floor to the side of the shelf. They couldn’t ask a staff member for a testing paper?




These people just left the meat to rot out in the open because they couldn’t be bothered to walk back to the freezer. The least they could have done was flag down a staff member or hand it at a counter. What a waste.




This is why we can’t have nice things. It’s all because of people like this that think they can have it all.


Daily Mail


If we’re all in hell, this guy is Satan. he straight up picked up hi stinky shoe and held it to the air conditioner so the rest of the world could bask in the disgusting smell of his feet.


Daily Mail


This genius dropped a cigarette butt into the vending machine so now no one can use it.


Daily Mail


Just because the seats are empty, doesn’t mean the world needs to see your gross feet. Please put them down and reevaluate your life.


Travel & Leisure


This woman really had a whole conversation on speaker phone. we don’t need to hear your terrible gossip Karen.


Pens & Patron


This is such terrible mentality where you think you can make a mess because there are people around to pick it up. Pick up your own trash.


My health gazette


Cell phones at concerts are bad enough. This person carried an entire laptop with them. We hope they drop it.


My Health Gazette


In what world is this behaviour funny. This is just a very quick way to lose a friend and endanger their life.




This woman thought the apples were a great place to take a seat. Do you know where else she should have taken a seat? At home, because she doesn’t deserve to be out in public.


My Health gazette


What is it with the feet? Is it really that hard to sit straight. We learnt this stuff in grade school!


My Health Gazette


Please put your feet down. This is just inconsiderate to everyone around her.




It’s hilarious to destroy someone’s art that they’ve worked really hard on.


My Health Gazette


And lastly, feet. Apparently, we as a society have not yet learnt where to keep them. Yuck!


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