Decision taken by the doctor saved the life of this baby who was too small and dying quickly.

eonantal care has come a long way in the fast few decades, but sometimes doctors…

In the span of few years, neonatal care has come a long way. However, doctors have to use their creativity at times to save these little lives. Pixie Grant didn’t spend the first few moments of her life in the warm arms of her mother but instead in a plastic sandwich bag. Quite bizarre? But read the entire story.

Pixie was born prematurely at just 28 weeks when she wasn’t gaining weight in utero. The staff tried to delay her birth by coming up with a plan but little Pixie was determined to have an October birthday.

And this left Pixie’s mom, Sharon, with no choice but undergo an emergency c-section. The crucial moment when Pixie was born she had to be kept warm or she would lose her life. Pixie weighed only 1.1 lbs and the staff searched around because any normal medical equipment to be used was too big.


Following the days, Pixie’s birth was extremely crucial and was an hour by hour survival experience. She was very fragile and Sharon couldn’t even take her in her arms and cuddle her for 18 long days… and she was in the hospital for 5 months.

Continue ahead to know what happened to the little life.

But the dark clouds have passed and now she’s home! The Grant family is still awestruck and can’t believe that their angel is with them and they are grateful every day for her miraculous survival.


This little girl has a great story to tell when she grows up and definitely on that her parents will never get tired of telling everyone.

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